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Delivered in 72 hrs.

The most complete gemmological report.

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360 video included


3D scan of your gemstone.

Gemstone report, Gemstone certificate, Bellerophon gemlab, ruby, sapphire, emerald, spinel, tourmaline, amethyste,

Gemmological Report


Every gemstone has a story to tell.

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Technical specs.

21x14.85 cm  

Resin-coated and gold foil.

Hidden security and hologram. 

Discover what's inside.

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What's in the Report?

Bellerophon gemlab gem testing laser gemology gemmology Gemstone report gemstone certifica

Object description, weight, measurements, shape, identification, genesis, colour grading, treatment detection, geographic origin determination, high-quality photo, 360 video and 3D scan are all included in the gemmological report.

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Pioneers and first Gemmological laboratory to disclose all the data collected for every authentication.  Bellerophon practice set a new standard in gemmology by offering full transparency we empower you and assist every agent along the chains. 

Your gemstone gemmological properties with your Reports is a pledge to quality and excellence.


360 Video for every report.

To ensure traceability and to visually ascertain that no obvious modifications have been applied to your precious stone Bellerophon Gemlab delivers for all authentication a video.

3D scan.

To further guarantee a transparent process Bellerophon gemlab scan when possible all gemstone. This process enables us to trace a gemstone, make precisions measurements and help the jeweler with an "stl" file. 

Digital Report.

Discover all the digital content present in your report

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