Bellerophon Gemlab is an independent gemmological laboratory 

created for you to serve you in the attempt to comprehend and grasp the truth in this fascinating and multi facets world named "Gemmology" .

We prefer to think of ourselves as more than just a gemmological laboratory. We are pioneers in new frontier where higher standards, transparency and integrity meet.

We increased the quality in gemmological authentication in full transparency of our processes and reduced the turn over  and cost required. We have our head office in Paris, France  soon to be operational and a full sate-of-the art laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand. We are actively creating opportunity to further increase quality and set higher standard in our industry.

We have proven tracked records of delivering consistent gemmological authentication. We set new standards in transparency, in time delivery and more importantly in quality and consistency.

Pioneers in transparency we are the first to offer 360 video and advanced cut analysis to ensure traceability,  3D scan to assist jeweler along the chain, and complete disclosure of your gemstone gemmological properties to guaranty quality in authentication.

Bellerophon's Research and Development department harnessed thanks to successful partnership with leaders in other fields such as Artificial intelligence, Photography, Optics, Luminescence Spectroscopy, IT and Engineering new opportunities to better serve our customer world wide and create a paragon of excellence.