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Giving Back

Because We Rise by Lifting Others

We are committed to build a better future where giving back is the reward. That's what spark our innovation. And our progress toward a more equitable world.

Helping disadvantaged children of Bogota in Colombia, by providing books, shelters, schooling and clothings.

Fundacion CARES

Providing health care to disadvantaged children of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka.

Sethmini Children's Hospital
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Providing care and schooling to orphaned children of Myanmar in the border town of Mae Sot in Thailand.

New Blood Center

Bellerophon Gemlab pledge to double your donation

Bellerophon Gemlab commit every year a part of the revenu to the one in needs. We will also double a donation made by you to one of these caritative associations. 

A special thanks to everyone making a world a better place, by providing idea, time, effort and money for those in needs, as well as not being able to stay idle in front of the despair of others.

A special mention must go to Lewis Allen, Jasper Allen, Jason Allen and Maria Fernanda Argotty for their tremendous determinations in helping others through the Fundacion Cares & the Sethmini Children's Hospital.

A special mention must also go to Jeffery Bergman for his incredible resolution in helping others through the New Blood Center.

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