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  • Bellerophon Gemlab | All about gemstones

    We look forward to welcoming you to our laboratories. Whether you are looking for Services or Information our Gemologists can help you Important Note: Paris Laboratory only will be close from the 1st to the 22nd august 2022. Bellerophon | Gemlab Beyond beauty. From 16 Place Vendôme Paris to Bangkok gemstone center. The future of gemology is here. Learn more > Contact us> GemID The Gemstone Identification Software. Browse through hundreds of gemstones species and varieties. Identify your gemstone> Search a gemstone> Blockchain Technology From mine to market traceability, now available for every report. Discover more Gemmological Report Because quality matters. From €2/melee to €99/report in 48hrs*. Discover every facet of your gemstones now. Learn more > Contact us> laboratory analysis bellerophon. gem lab. gem report. lab. lab bangkok. gemological institue, gemological laboratory. lab paris. martial curti. gemstone report. gemstone certificat. Modern Gemmology Emerald Dietmar Schwarz & Martial Curti "An absolute must-have for gemologists and libraries and for all those who have fallen in love with this verdant green gem." Richard W. Wise in Gemmology Today. Learn more > Buy> Bellerophon News Watch latest events Learn more > Verification Your security is our priority Learn more > Report Knowledge is the key. Learn more > Testing Key information. Learn more > Nomenclature Crystal clear definition. Learn more > Social Responsibility Because we rise by lifting others. Learn more >

  • Support | Bellerophon

    Welcome to Bellerophon Support How can we help you? Talk to one of our support manager for any information about a gemstone report or more. HEAD OFFICE Bellerophon Gemlab S.A.S 16 Place Vendôme, Batiment B, 2ème étage 75001 Paris France CONTACT US SEND MESSAGE SENT. We will get back to you shortly. LABORATORIES BANGKOK, THAILAND Bellerophon Gemlab.Co.,Ltd (BOI) 26-28 Mahesak soi 3, Bangkok 10500 Thailand +66(0) 21 151 165 PARIS, FRANCE Bellerophon Gemlab S.A.S 16 Place Vendôme, Batiment B, 2ème étage 75001 Paris France +33(0) 9 79 07 03 53

  • Gemstone Report | Bellerophon gemlab

    Report Delivered in 48hrs. The most complete gemmological report. See digital report. 360 video included 3D scan of your gemstone. Gemmological Report Report Every gemstone has a story to tell. Send Stone Technical specs. 21x14.85 cm Resin-coated and gold foil. Hidden security and hologram. Discover what's inside. Gemstone Report sample. Have questions about the Gemmological Report? Contact us. Jewelry Report sample. Traceability Report sample. What's in the Report? Object description, weight, measurements, shape, identification, genesis, colour grading, treatment detection, geographic origin determination, high-quality photo, 360 video and 3D scan are all included in the gemmological report. How we analyse your gemstone > What we write > The blockchain certificate > Pioneers and first Gemmological laboratory to disclose all the data collected for every authentication. Bellerophon practice set a new standard in gemmology by offering full transparency we empower you and assist every agent along the chains. ​ Your gemstone gemmological properties with your Reports is a pledge to quality and excellence. Sample Gemmological properties Sapphire Sample Gemmological properties Emerald Sample Gemmological properties Spinel 360 Video for every report. ​ To ensure traceability and to visually ascertain that no obvious modifications have been applied to your precious stone Bellerophon Gemlab delivers for all authentication a video. 3D scan. ​ To further guarantee a transparent process Bellerophon gemlab scan when possible all gemstone. This process enables us to trace a gemstone, make precisions measurements and help the jeweler with an "stl" file. Digital Report. ​ Discover all the digital content present in your report .

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