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From the ground to your hand: You deserve to know

Blockchain with Bellerophon | Gemlab


Blockchain traceability is now available for every report at Bellerophon Gemlab.

From "mine to market" discover all the valuable information about your gemstone. Bringing more transparency to every step in the gemstone industry's value chain by using a digital ledger based on blockchain technology will enable the operations along a gemstone's value chain to be securely recorded, stored, and shared.

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How does it work?

Whenever a transaction occurs, it is validated within the ecosystem of the so-called blockchain. Once verified, a transaction is recorded as a digital block, containing the key of the previous entry, a timestamp, and the transaction data, all secured through cryptography.


Any further transaction is secured in the same way by creating a new block with a new key which then is linked to the previous block.


This creates a chain of individual transactions that can be traced back to the original. These blocks become part of a digital ledger, which is continuously distributed to all participants.


You can participate.

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Amidst the mounting push from consumers towards more transparency, Provenance Proof has developed new technologies to increase transparency and traceability within the gems and jewellery industry. 

Is it available for all reports?

Yes, every gemstone submitted to Bellerophon | Gemlab can benefit from the blockchain. We also offer to create a blockchain contract retroactively for all reports made since 2020.

I know the Miner what should I do?

Assuming the miner is a blockchain registered participant such as Gemfields or Fura Gems please ask them directly for the blockchain contract ownership associated with your gemstone.

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