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Testing prices

Our testing prices are per service and not related to the weight of the item.
All prices are given in the local currency of the laboratory per stone.
Please note that our prices are linked to our service and not to the weight of the gemstone, as the work we do remains the same.

VAT charges may apply. 
Prices may be subject to change.

Mandatory insurance

All gemstone submitted in our laboratories must have an insurance.
You may waive our third party insurance if you are already insured.

Insurance value is the total value per consignment.

All risk insurance. This insurance does not include transportation and is valid 2 weeks maximum within Bellerophon Gemlab laboratories. It cover loss, theft and damage.
Important note: The insurance does not cover possible change of colour from fading tests.

Total value <100 USD ---> 0 USD premium
Total value <100,000 USD ---> 30 USD premium
Total value >100,000 USD ---> 0.03% premium

Become a Bellerophon Member

You can become a Bellerophon Gemlab Member by pre purchasing a number of gemmological services in advance for the year. Bellerophon Gemlab Members receive special discounted prices.

To become a member you must pre-purchase 100 discounted gemmological reports in the laboratory of your choice. Important note: your report will only be usable in the location selected. Your reports must be used within one year of purchase.

Shipping prices to Paris laboratory

Always inform us by email before shipping any stone to us.
Contact your closest Bellerophon laboratory for any help regarding shipping.
Below are some options and pricing regarding shipping to Bellerophon Gemlab Paris 16 Place Vendome:

Small value from France only
Declared value by French post office.
Maximum insurance value 5,000 euros.
Cost ~ 30 euros.

From anywhere.
Malca Amit by Fedex.
Maximum insurance value 100,000 euros.
Cost from 50 to 350 euros.

From anywhere.
Ferrari Group.
Maximum insurance value 15,000,000 euros.
Contact them for a detailed quotation.


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