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Our laboratories are equipped with state of the art gemmological equipment such as:

Raman spectroscopy; Photo-luminescence spectroscopy; Infrared spectroscopy; Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy; Energy Dispersive X-ray fluorescence; laser induced breakdown spectroscopy; Laser-Ablation; Infrared imaging; UV imaging & Keyence microscope (up to 5000 magnification)


Comparative analysis on one of the most complete data base in gemmology.

A reference collection of more than 9000 samples including most gemstones, all known synthetic made, all enhancement ever detected and more than 4000 gem-quality samples for origin determination for Spinel, Chrysoberyl, Opal, Emerald; Ruby & Sapphire. More than than 30 countries of origin referenced.



M.P.H Curti

M.P.H Curti, Graduate Gemmologist is the director of Bellerophon since august 2018. Started his career as a gemstone cutter in Burma (Myanmar). Worked in Mozambique with Gemfields. Later traveling to many gem deposit and gem centers in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Assisted with the discovery of a new mineral, worked with GRS, Thailand, and featured in a GIA article about the discovery of a new gem deposit. 

Gemmological Departement


Dr. Dietmar Schwarz is the senior chief Gemmologist of Bellerophon since October 2019. Renowned gemmologist and world foremost authority on Emerald, spent more than 20 years as head of research at Gubelin laboratory in Switzerland, worked under and with the guidance of Dr. Eduard Gubelin, author of "Esmeralda" (1987) & "Geographic Origin Determination of Colored Gemstones" (2012), also a prolific author & co-author of numerous notable gemmological articles.


T.Rozet, Advanced Training Course from SSEF is the junior Gemmologist of Bellerophon since September 2018. Successfully finished the intense gemmological program with detailed approach to identifying treatment and origin of ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Analytical Departement

M. Buduca

M.Buduca, join Bellerophon in September 2019. Graduate Gemmologist from the Federation of European Education of Gemmology, in the Institue National de Gemology in Paris France. She is also an Accredited Gemmologist from the Asian Institute of Gemological Science. She is leading the Research and Development department.

B. Ploypailin

B.Ploypailin is a dedicated member of our team with specialty in computer design. Managing analytical collection department. She also operates analytical instrument such as FTIR, EDXRF, and UV-vis. She provide gemologists with the required data.


S.Tapprasert is a dedicated member of our team with specialty in analytical operation. She operate instrument such as 3D scan, FTIR, and Raman spectroscope. She provides gemologists with the required data collection.

Research Associate

Ferdin  Joe  J.J,  PHD

F.J.J Joseph, PHD is a lecturer in the Thai-Nichi institute of Technology, specialized in data science, with a P.H.D in computer Science and information System. He provides us with reliable system for data processing and comparative analysis.