ABOUT IDENTIFICATION: Our identification process is done through multiple layers to obtain a conclusion about the nature of the Gemstones natural composition, varieties and species, natural and synthetic are discovered within this process. Significant scientific data must be collected in order for us to reach our conclusion  


TREATMENT: Our Treatment detection is done with the help of the most advanced technology, same as all process in our lab we need multiple layers of data to reach our conclusion.  Experience, observation, research and scientific literature from past and present constitutes our foundation. 


 COLOR GRADING: Our color grading and color trade name found its base in Munsell color system with the help of natural gemstone color master set. As many gemstones possess two colors it is challenging to deal in absolute for exact color grade. Light, cutting, saturation, tone, and chemical composition play a determinant role in our grading system.   


ORIGIN: Origin determination is found through empirical data such as chemical composition, ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy, inclusion present or absent. Based on this data we can reliably  identify the matrix of a gemstone and as such the geological area of its formation. Countries of origin are lines drawn by men, geological origin lines drawn by nature, the second one is analyzed with accuracy while the first is an interpretation of it.


DISCLAIMER: Client acknowledges that, the testing techniques and the technology used by Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon for testing items for synthetics, treatments, processing, and the like are subject to change. These are evolving and include certain subjective elements therefore the ways in which item(s) might be treated or processed are changing and dynamic, becoming more sophisticated. As a result, it might not be possible in all cases to determine whether item(s) have been processed or treated using Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon’s then-current techniques and technology therefore Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon makes no representations or warranties to client in this regard. Wherein if Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon failure to detect whether an item has been processed or treated, or an inaccurate determination is made that an item was in fact found treated, natural, undetermined or processed. Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon knowledge of/or ability to detect any treatments shall not have any liability to client or any third party.  Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon shall not have any liability to client or any third party for Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon failure to detect whether an item has been processed or treated,  for Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon wherein if inaccurate determination was made that an item was in contrary treated, natural, undetermined or processed or for  Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon knowledge of or ability to detect any treatments.  


IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND LIMITATION ABOUT THE USE OF LABORATORY ANALYSIS BELLEROPHON GEMSTONE REPORT: All Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon gemstone report(s) will be printed on original paper and will bear an official signature. No corrections or alterations of any form shall be accepted on the gemstone report. All gemstone reports are resin coated and contain visible and hidden security features for authentication. The gemstone report trademark such as logo, names, signature or service marks of Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon may not be reproduce in whole or in part without the prior written authorization of Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon.  Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon report contains the identification of gemstones by photographic images, diagrams, microphotographic images, descriptions of object, dimensions, cut, shape, color, and weight. It states an opinion on their authenticity, treatment, and country of origin if determinable.  This Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon Report does not constitute a guarantee for an appraisal of the object or gemstone described therein. The physical appearance of an object or   gemstone may differ from its photographic image on the gemstone report. Determination of the authenticity and country of origin of a gemstone is based on analysis of its chemical and  physical properties, its internal and or external characteristics such as presence and or absence of inclusions and growth features using standard gemological instruments and modern  analytical instruments including spectrometers and lasers. The conclusion on the country of origin, authenticity and any kind of enhancement of a gemstone is an opinion of Laboratory  Analysis Bellerophon based on correlation analysis with those obtained from the past and present analysis of reference materials, as well as those in historic published gemological  literature. Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon continuously updates this knowledge to a reasonable extent.  Any conclusion on gemstone reports represent an opinion based on the  theoretical and practical experience of the Laboratory. Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon may refuse the issuance of a gemstone report at any time.   Unless expressly agreed upon or otherwise, the client agrees to not hold Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon liable for the loss or damage of gemstone(s) resulting from risks that may occur  during the transportation and delivery processes, including robbery and theft, during the examination process, including color and clarity alteration or other alterations of the object or  gemstone material including removal or fissure fillings on or within the object; and within the timeframe and thereafter the gemstone is in possession of Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon,  including theft negligence and natural acts of God.  Unless expressly agreed or otherwise, Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon shall not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from incomplete or erroneous data on the report such  as errors in dimensions, weight, and measurements, typing errors and errors in the determination of the authenticity, country of origin and errors in the declaration of treatments.  Furthermore, the client and all other persons to whom the client may distribute, show, or transfer gemstone reports for any use and for any purpose cannot hold Laboratory Analysis  Bellerophon liable.   Any abusive use of Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon gemstone report is not permitted. The conclusions on report reflects our findings at the time it was issued, respectively at the time when  the referred object was analyzed. A gemstone can be modified and or enhanced at any time after the report is made. These conditions form an integral part of the contract insofar that the  parties to the contract do not expressly agree otherwise. INSURANCE: Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon shall maintain or cause to maintained on its behalf, a standard form block insurance policy or insurance substantially similar to such insurance that is available in the jurisdiction where laboratory Analysis Bellerophon operates to insure item(s) against loss or damage while in Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon possession.  Client agrees that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the liability of Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon and its employees and/or agents for any loss of, misdelivery, or  damage to that article, even if caused by or resulting from the negligence or other fault shall be limited to the amount paid to Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon. Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon or any of its employees or agents, shall be limited to the amount paid to Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon by its insurance carrier and subsequently paid by  Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon to client, if any, in respect thereof under such policies. Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon and its employees and agents shall not be held personally liable for any such loss of, misdelivery of, or damage to that item, even if this limited remedy  fails in its essential purpose. 


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Client agrees that Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon and its employees and agents shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary,  punitive, statutory, or special damages, including without limitation to lost profits, with respect to or arising under or related to this agreement, the services or report, even if advised of the  possibility of such damages.  With the exception of Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon obligation to pay client the insurance proceeds referenced above, in no event shall the total, cumulative liability of Laboratory  Analysis Bellerophon exceed the price of the services provided by Laboratory Analysis Bellerophon under this agreement to client for which liability arises.  The limitations on liability in this agreement shall apply to any claims and causes of action, under any theory of liability, whether in contract, tort including without limitation negligence,  indemnity, or otherwise; and shall be deemed to apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and notwithstanding the failure of the essential purpose of any limited remedy  set forth in this agreement. All parties have fully considered the foregoing allocation of risk and the remedies set forth in this agreement and find such allocation and remedies to be reasonable and agree that the  foregoing limitations within this agreement are an essential basis of the bargain between the parties.