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  • Gemmological Privilege | Bellerophon gemlab

    PRIVILEGE THE MOST MAGNIFICENT AWARD SEE PDF VERSION Continue BOOK PRIVILEGE The privilege report is very rare distinction accorded on our discretion for Magnificent Gemstone only. The hardcover book features 36 pages with in depth details about your gemstone identification , origin determination and gemmological properties. All the pictures in the book display only your item. ​ ​ PAGES 36 ONLY FOR THE RAREST IS YOUR GEMSTONE ELIGIBLE ASK US

  • Leader in Colored Gemstone Analysis

    laboratory analysis bellerophon. gem lab. gem report. lab. lab bangkok. gemological institue, gemological laboratory. lab paris. martial curti. gemstone report. gemstone certificat. AVAILABLE NOW MODERN GEMMOLOGY LEARN MORE THE JOURNEY OF YOUR GEMSTONE Pioneers in transparency we are the first to offer 360 video and advanced cut analysis to ensure traceability, 3D scan to assist jeweller along the chain, and complete disclosure of your gemstone gemmological properties to guaranty quality in authentication. DISCOVER MORE YOUR GEMSTONE STORY You Deserve to Know Discover your gemstone like never before. The first Gemmological Laboratory to offer full access to your data, Ensuring full transparency and quality in authentication. Specialized in coloured gemstone identification, colour grading, enhancement detection and origin determination. DISCOVER MORE Latest News & Articles Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 65th Edition Visit us at our booth Number C-18 & C-20 for the 65th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair. ​ ​ VIEW MORE CIJF China Academic Conference Geographic origin determination of spinel. Retake of China International Gems & jewelry Academic Conference presentation by Bellerophon | Gemlab VIEW MORE Sri Lanka Field Expedition Gemmological field trip into Sri lanka, from collecting Spinel, Chrysoberyl & Sapphire reference samples at the mines, traditional low heat treatment to cutting samples, discover our latest field trip VIEW MORE Semi Quantitative Elemental Analysis Technology Bellerophon | Gemlab is happy to offer full elemental analysis for all gemstone with every Gemmological Report. To complete our state of the art Laboratories, and keep up with constant treatments, laser ablation became a very important tool for Gemmologist. VIEW MORE

  • Gemmological Report | Bellerophon gemlab

    COMPLETE THE GEMMOLOGICAL REPORT Continue GEMMOLOGY BELLEROPHON Pioneers and first Gemmological laboratory to disclose all the data collected for every authentication. Our practice set a new standard in gemmology by offering full transparency we empower you and assist every agent along the chains. ​ Your gemstone gemmological properties on your Reports is a pledge to quality and excellency ​ GEMMOLOGICAL REPORT The Gemmological Report come with its "Gemmological Properties" online. ​ Important detail as it provide a difference for you and your gemstone. Having full access in your data empower you beyond the realm of information, thanks to this you can now see the process and tests your gem undergo with us, you can now verify and confirm the authenticity of the process and the conclusions by any third party. It not only bring more transparency along the chain but give more confidence to the final buyer by justifying our conclusions with facts and data. PAGES 2 fold EXPLORE THE DIGITAL REPORT INCLUDED WITH ALL GEMMOLOGICAL REPORT 360 DEGREE VIDEO OF YOUR GEMSTONE INTERACTIVE CUT ANALYSIS & 3D SCAN APPENDIX & GEMMOLOGICAL DOCUMENTS

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