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1) Is the FTIR similar to any of this two pictures below ?

FTIR malossi & Biron.jpg
flux emerald ftir.jpg

hydrothermal chevron 1.jpg
hydrothermal chevron 2.jpg

Oil & resin in emerald

Is Fe2+ (Uv-vis-Nir) below or above the dotted line ?

Fe2+ Uv-vis-Nir

Iron level emerald edxrf
Cesium emerald EDXRF

Colombia emerald edxrf
Afghanistan EDXRF
Russia emerald
Russia emerald
Emerald color
low iron afghanistan emerald

Russia emerald
Russia emerald
Emerald Rb Edxrf

Approximately how much "Rb" is present

Emerald Rb Edxrf


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Possible other overlapping origins:

Further helpful material:

schist emerald plot.jpg